When you go dancing, it’s either you remain at the level that you are in, retrogress, or become better. Dance is like an art. There’s the need to improve this craft every time you step in a dance class or a dance studio. So, how do you make the most out of your dance classes? Well, let’s find out.

Making The Most of Out of Your Dance Classes: How to Improve Your Dancing Skills

Every dancer desires to improve and become the best in the dancing niche. There are many ways you can use to stay at the top of your game. Here are our top 5.

1.    Stretch

Dancing is all about flexibility and being fit always. There’s no better way of increasing your motion range and reducing muscle tension than stretching. With stretching, you will be able to master some hard moves that you thought you couldn’t do in no time. Master your splits by stretching regularly.

2.    Relate to Music

As highlighted earlier, dance is an art…it’s a skill! You don’t just dance anyhow. No, there’s a lot that must come into play when you are dancing. Moves are great, but it’s not all about the moves. You must master your:

  • Facial expressions
  • Art to articulate music into dance
  • Skills to tell a story through dance
  • Role acting craft

Relate to the song, own the stage, master the moves, relate to the music, own the music, tell the story, and connect to your audience. Ensure that you have fun every time you bring the stage down.  

3.    Develop Musicality

If you are not new to dance classes, you have probably heard instructors use the word ‘musicality’ when it comes to song dancing. So what does musicality mean, and how does it relate to dance?

Musicality refers to the skill of a dancer to interpret musical elements and incorporate it into some competitive choreography. In most cases, it involves listening to a particular song severally and further isolating or breaking down voices and instruments in it. Musicality helps you understand a song better and plan your dance moves accordingly.

4.    Push Yourself, And Get Out the Comfort Zone

The best way of significantly improving is by breaking out of your comfort zone. When you learn an individual move, don’t stay there; don’t get comfortable. Aim higher!

If you are taking beginner dance classes, and you have already mastered choreography, why not enroll for more advanced classes? Switch it up to something higher like street jazz. By aiming higher and pushing yourself hard enough, you will grow your dance every day.

5.    Practice, Practice, Practice!

It’s all about the effort you put in terms of practice. Dance is a lifestyle. Practice while in class, at school during your free time, at home – whenever you can practice, just do it! Great dancers are created both outside and inside a dance class. Work hard, dedicate enough time into dance, perfect your routine, and then watch your dance grow to the next level.

It is one thing to enroll in dance classes, and it’s another to improve and become better. With these five tips, you have no reason to stagnate or retrogress. Keep these tips close your heart; thank me later.